A top Horde guild on US-Faerlina

We believe that community is the core of Classic WoW…
and so are phat loot and server dominance.

We're streamer-friendly, but not streamer prio

And we're recruiting

  • Have a team-first attitude
  • Strive for top performance
  • Be ready for Naxxramas
  • Always be reliable
  • Myth Raid Sun/Tues @ 8pm EST
  • Night Raid Mon/Tues @ 9pm EST
  • AA Raid Wed @ 8pm EST
  • Alt Raid Thurs @ 9pm EST
  • Rainbow Raid Sat/Sun @ 1pm EST
  • Reach out to one of our in-game recruiting officers:
  • Izzie (also on Izzle), Silverfrost, or Oxtane

Think you'd fit in?